5 Top Rated Apps for Students Studying Abroad

Students who make the decision to study abroad have many resources available to them to help their transition abroad go smoothly and to assist them in their success as a student.   The smart phone is a highly recommended piece of technology for students who come to study in the United States because it allows them access to so many of these wonderful resources. Studying abroad can be both exciting and daunting and access to these resources can make the entire experience a positive one.  Here we introduce 5 Top rated apps that students studying abroad should be armed with:

(1) Viber: This app allows users to utilize WIFI and/or 3G to make calls, text, video call, and send photos.  Students can easily and cost effectively stay connected with family and friends back home who also have Viber.  This is a particularly great app for parents who have concerns regarding staying connected with their child studying in a foreign country.  Also, it is a great way for students to communicate to new colleagues where they are studying abroad.  The best part is… Viber does not use the student’s data plan!  It’s cost effective and easy to make friends or stay connected using Viber!

(2) Google Maps: In a new city and not sure how to navigate around?  This app is FREE and reliable.  The app will automatically find the students location.  Once a destination is entered the app will navigate the user via car, on foot, using public transportation, or even via bike route.  Never fear getting lost in a new city!

(3) Free Wi-Fi Finder:  This unique app allows Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch users to find WIFI spots nearest to them.  The app can search for a hot spot nearest to the student’s current location or students can enter a specific location to search nearby.  Students are no longer are limited to internet access at the university library or dorm hall.  This app offers students the ability to travel anywhere they like and still giving them the ability to do what they need to do for their classes.

(4) Evernote:  Organization is one key factor to a student’s success and this app is a renowned must have!  Take notes during class or during study sessions with classmates using this app and then have access to these notes anywhere and anytime!  Access your notes from a laptop or even your smart phone.  Never carry around a notebook ever again!  Students can add pictures to their notes and even use that app to remind them of important dates and deadlines.  This is the ultimate tool to stay organized!

(5) Flashcards+: Long gone are the days of carrying around bundles of flashcards.    This app allows students access to pre-made flashcards or give them the ability to create their own.   Students can even share flashcards with one another.  Never waste a moment… as you can pull out your phone and review your flashcards even when standing in line at the bank!  What a great study tool!

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