Athletic Scholarships for International Students

Athletic scholarships for international students have increasingly become of interest to students with strong athletic abilities seeking the opportunity to earn their degree in the United States (US) and play in a variety of sports for American Colleges.  The demand for such student athletes does exist in the US, as colleges are interested in well-rounded individuals to play on their teams.  They are looking for individuals who are strong academically, team players, athletes with drive/focus, and those unique few they feel have the talent to make a significant contribution as a member of their sports team.  Upon being selected, individuals who meet all requirements can receive a financial award, otherwise known as an athletic scholarship.  The coaches of the individual sports teams are entrusted to select talent for their teams and they are in fact the ones that decide whether or not an individual will be offered an athletic scholarship.  There are two types of scholarships that can be awarded by coaches, full or partial.  Each school’s requirements for athletic scholarships will vary per sport.  The athletic scholarship award amount that an athlete can potentially receive will be based on a number of factors.  Some of these factors include the specific sport, the amount of scholarship that is available to be distributed among the team members, and an individual’s unique athletic ability.

In order to play a sport for an American college team, interested students must register with the NCAA and/or the NAIA.  They have different eligibility requirements for athletes and we recommend athletes take the time to understand what is being expected of them and the process that is involved.  This can be a very confusing and long process for potential students and it is important to remain as informed as possible.  In order to successfully obtain an athletic scholarship, interested individuals must actively pursue this goal.  Talk to your current high school and you should begin seeking out coaches to let them know who you are and what you contribution you can make to both their team and the university.  All coaches do actively seek unique talent for their teams, however it is really up to the student athlete to make sure that they get noticed!

For any athlete who is interested in playing sports at an American college and earning their degree at the same time the best advice we can give is to begin the preparation NOW!  Preparation can never start too early, especially when so many factors are involved in this process and the highly competitive nature in which athletic scholarships are awarded.  An individual’s athletic ability will be a huge consideration when schools are considering you for an athletic scholarship.  However, it is important to understand that this is not the only factor that the universities will take into consider.  Although colleges will have a minimum requirement to consider an athlete for a scholarship in terms of Grade Point Average (GPA) and test scores, we recommend that potential athletes strive to exceed the minimum requirements in order to put themselves one step ahead of everyone else.  The question athletes should continually ask themselves is…how can they place themselves at the leading edge of the competition?!?!?

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