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Athletic Scholarships for International Students

Athletic scholarships for international students have increasingly become of interest to students with strong athletic abilities seeking the opportunity to earn their degree in the United States (US) and play in a variety of sports for American Colleges.  The demand for such student athletes does exist in the US, as colleges are interested in well-rounded individuals to play on their teams.  They are looking for individuals who are strong academically, team players, athletes with drive/focus, and those unique few they feel have the talent to make a significant contribution as a member of their sports team.  Upon being selected, individuals who meet all requirements can receive a financial award, otherwise known as an athletic scholarship.  The coaches of the individual sports teams are entrusted to select talent for their teams and they are in fact the ones that decide whether or not an individual will be offered an athletic scholarship.  [...]

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5 Top Rated Apps for Students Studying Abroad

Students who make the decision to study abroad have many resources available to them to help their transition abroad go smoothly and to assist them in their success as a student.   The smart phone is a highly recommended piece of technology for students who come to study in the United States because it allows them access to so many of these wonderful resources. Studying abroad can be both exciting and daunting and access to these resources can make the entire experience a positive one.  Here we introduce 5 Top rated apps that students studying abroad should be armed with: (1) Viber: This app allows users to utilize WIFI and/or 3G to make calls, text, video call, and send photos.  Students can easily and cost effectively stay connected with family and friends back home who also have Viber.  This is a particularly great app for parents who have concerns regarding staying [...]

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