How to Rock the F-1 Visa Interview

F-1 Visa interview is so important that it would decide whether or not you can go to study abroad.  Although there is no specific question that they would ask, some general questions might appear during the interview.  For example, they may ask you about your studies, funds, sponsors, your chosen university, your destination of study or anything. My suggestion is always be prepare but do not feel nervous about that. Here are some questions that might be asked during interview.

F-1 Visa Interview

Make sure you practice your interview answers.                                           

Why have you chosen this university?
Who will sponsor your education?
How will you pay for your stay in the US?
Why do you want to go to the US?
Why don’t you study this course in your own country?
Why have you chosen this course?
Why do you want to go abroad?
Do you have any family there?
Who earns in your family?
What do you know about course you’ve chosen?
What are your hobbies?
Do you intend to work in USA?
What do you know about your university?
What will you do after completion of your studies?
Does anybody from your family stay or study abroad?
How many years do you intend to stay in US?

Some tips that may help during F-1 Visa interview
Book your appointment earlyIt is important to get your interview appointment as soon as you have decided on your university and when you get your I-20. The I-20 is a key document required for the issuance of the F-1 Visa, so do not forget to bring it. Also remember to arrive in advance so you have enough time to get use to the environment and make yourself come down.

Get organized and stay planned – The second step towards F-1 Visa interview preparation is to make a check-list of all key documents and ensure that they are all in hand. Bring a folder with all of the paper work. It would be better if you can scan your document before to make sure you have some backups.

Confidence and Clarity matters – The F-1 Visa interview usually lasts for 3 to 15 minutes. The timing may vary depending on your Visa officer. Be confident and do not panic even if you are not sure about what to answer. Just take your time and organize your sentences. Do not worry too much about the result at this point of time.

Good Communication Matters- You will be required to answer all F-1 Visa Interview questions in English –the official language of the United States. Stay confident and crispy in your communications. Do not become so nervous as to stammer and speak in grammatically incorrect English.

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