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Home stays

Home stays offer the benefit exchanging cultural differences and learning from them.

When planning your study abroad experience, every part of the process takes a lot of research and dedication to make sure that you have all the information you need. Finding a place to stay during your stay in a foreign country can be overwhelming but, fear no more! I’m here to talk to you about home stays and how they can be a great way for you to get the most of your study abroad trip. Home stays offer the benefit of being surrounded by people who are excited to learn something from you and your culture as well as hoping to offer you the ultimate American lifestyle.

There are many types of home stays in the U.S. that offer different things that can be negotiated between the person applying for the home stay and the host family. Home stays can range from immersive families all the way to basic room rental. Immersive families offer the familial feeling of interacting with relatives. They can also have you participate in daily chores such as: yard work, cleaning, etc. Depending on how you discuss your contract with your home stay family, they can establish rules for you to follow like curfews, use of particular items and social behaviors such as drinking and smoking. Basic room rentals offer the privacy and independence that a student might be looking for when coming to a new country and study. Home stays will also inform you of what objects will be provided by the host families during your stay with them so you’ll definitely be knowledgeable in what you’ll have at your fingertips.

Home stay sites that are worth looking into so you can start taking those next steps after your F-1 Visa has been approved are CCI-Exchange and Home Stay Booking. They have lots of information regarding home stays and demonstrate information on host families so they help put a face to the name. Make sure to also check us out at F-1Visas so you can learn more about what other options you have. If you have already made your decision and want to get started you can also Click Here to get your process started! We’ll keep posting articles on housing while studying abroad so you can be more informed and experience peace of mind!


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