Study in America

Interested in visiting America? How about receiving a college education? Why not make get both done at the same time! Come study in the United States and earn a degree in an exciting field while exploring all the great things these countries have to offer!

What We Do:

We work with several schools across America that will sponsor you to come to school in the West. They will provide you the I-20 Form you need to apply for your F-1 Student Visa. The F-1 Student Visa allows you to live in America while pursuing a college education. Enjoy all of the wonderful things America has to offer while working and pursuing your educational goals. Make sure to research guidelines for studying in the U.S.!

You can have your F-1 Visa and be on your way to America in as little as 7 – 14 days. The schools will help you find suitable housing and other accommodations.

If you are ready to change your life and experience the best of what America has to offer contact us today via email and we’ll send you detailed information. It is absolutely free. We will put you in touch with one of our schools to start the process.