Why Choose Home Stay?

homepageIt’s common for students to flock to live in arrangements that are similar to their current housing: dorms or apartments.  Some students contend that living with a host family cramps their style, but this is rarely the case.  Most students who live with a family enjoy the freedom to come and go as they please.  They also enjoy home-cooked meals and insightful conversations with their hosts.  Which you won’t get in student housing.
Here are 5 benefits of living with a Homestay:

1.  You learn the language faster.
If you are studying English in U.S, then living with a home stay family is definitely the best way to adjust.  The more time you spend with other Canadians, the more you are forced to speak the country’s native language.  The best way to learn is to use it all the time without a crutch.

2.  You experience the customs and tradition of the country first hand.
Through living with a home stay family, you are more likely to embrace the culture more quickly than if you were living solo.  For example, families often include you in holiday meals or teach you how to prepare indigenous foods.

3.  You discover the best local places.
There’s nothing worse than getting to a new country and not knowing where you are going.  Sure, you’ll get hold of a map, but will it tell you which cafe has the best espresso?  Where to find the most popular club?  Where are the best places to shop or sight see?  You’ll only get this kind of insider information from the locals, therefore choose home stay.

4.  You make international friends more quickly.
Studying in a different country is most rewarding when you branch out and meet people who live in your host town. Your home stay family will introduce you to their family, friends, and neighbors.  Home stay with children or teens are especially beneficial.  They are more able to relate with a student and usually have quite a large and diverse network for friends.

5.  You feel like part of the family.
The first few weeks of your international experience might give you a bad case of homesickness.  If you are living with a home stay, you will have a group of people that will keep you company, dote on you, and treat you as if you are part of their family.

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